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How to select safety valve of closed cooling tower and installation of pipe configuration

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For the use of closed cooling tower, safety and energy saving are the most important problems. As a result, the installation requirement of safety valve and pipe configuration is indispensable. So how can we solve this problem specifically?

The key problem of selecting safety valve of closed cooling tower is displacement. It means the displacement of safety valve for cooling tower equipment must be greater than its safety discharge. Only in this way, safety valve can discharge the gas when it is open during overpressure of vessel so as to prevent the pressure in the vessel continuing rising. Pay attention to pressure range of safety valve. As each kind of safety valve has certain working pressure range. Do not excessively unload spring safety valve for high pressure so as to use it on low pressure vessel. Besides, do not excessively load safety valve for low pressure so as to use it on higher pressure tower equipment. Make sure to adopt the spring with the same level according to working pressure of tower equipment during selection. Consider process conditions of cooling tower equipment and characteristics of working medium. Spring safety valve is suitable for common tower equipment. For tower equipment with lower pressure but without vibration influence, lever safety valve is more suitable. If there is toxic, flammable, explosive gas or other gas polluting atmosphere in working medium of tower equipment, it needs to select sealed safety valve.

About pipe configuration during installation of closed cooling tower:

(1) Pipe configuration between refrigeration equipment and closed cooling tower is usually implemented according to pipe configuration drawing. Meanwhile, refer to service manual of refrigeration equipment and other machines.

(2) Except inlet of circulating water, implement connection between flange and pipe according to S311 Standard P=9.8×106Pa.

(3) The suction part of circulating water pump shall be set at the position lower than water-containing plate level of closed cooling tower.

(4) Pipe bench shall be set so as to make closed cooling tower do not bear pipe weight.

(5) When there are several cloth flumes, try to set butterfly valve at inlet of each cloth flume.

(6) Set support platform for water supply pipe near closed cooling tower.