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Analysis of ultra low noise of closed cooling tower and maintenance of cooling system

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We all know many machines will make a lot of noise during operation. Now as an editor I will talk ultra low noise of closed cooling tower and maintenance of cooling system with you. Many friends have doubt that what degree ultra low noise can reach.

Heat dissipation film of closed cooling tower applies curve. In this way, the water and wind inside of the equipment can contact and exchange with each other. As a result the inside air can flow more reasonably. The resistance of the air will become low during rotation. This is very useful for equipment operation. The large fan blade is generally used for the fan. In this way, the fan will become more stable during operation. The noise will become low. Cooling effect will be improved greatly.

The shell of closed cooling tower applies galvanized sheet or stainless steel material which can resist natural factors and chemical erosion. Therefore, its service life is much longer. Besides, the shell has strong oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. As a result, cooling products will become more solid.

How to maintain cooling system? The specific method is as follows:

Firstly, inspect the quality of cooling water, clean water tank and pipe and inspect whether protection circuit action is normal. Generally, when cooling system is used frequently, you have to inspect water quality condition once a week so as to guarantee the quality of cooling medium at any time. The inspection method is to adjust multimeter to resistance range of 2MW and insert metallic exposure part of measuring end of two multimeter probes into cooling water surface with an interval of 1cm in a parallel direction. At this time, resistance reading shall be more than 250kW at least. If the reading is lower than this value, it needs to replace cooling water at once.

Secondly, inspect chain protection circuit. The protective measures such as overtemperature sound alarm, overtemperature chain, flow switch chain and liquid level protection chain can be set for cooling system separately. You have to inspect the above protection circuits frequently and make sure the functions are normal and effective when you use them. In addition, inspection can be implemented during changing the water.

In a word, normal operation of cooling system determines safe operation of the machine. Otherwise, a series of equipment safety problems such as too low operation efficiency of cooling tower may occur.