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Celebration Activity in Water Cooling tower manufacturer

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   At the beginning of November there was  a big celebration for our staff on her 10th working anniversary in water cooling tower manufacturer , China Wuxi ARK fluid science technology co.,ltd.

Our good gentle workmate ,Ms Li has been working for water cooling tower industry for 10 years now . 10 years ago she was a primiary students monther, right now her daughter has attended in university ,meanwhile you can image how much she shall effect between family and work . Lets send our best wishes to her on her.


A special time for all of us from Wuxi Ark Fluid water cooling tower company , the big family prepared fresh flowers, 10th anniversary medal,and prize as souvenir for her in our morning meeting . General manager Mr Liu sent here a sincere hug ,so did we . she shared her working experience and feeling for 10 years working here ,and her eyes were running over with tears . Believe this celebration activity bring good impression to us.

    water cooling tower

Wuxi Ark Fluid water cooling tower manufacturer can be regarded as one close and cordial family full with love ,affection,move. HR department organize different monthly activities for all of us . Believe this kind of atmosphere can drive all people to have a positive life attitude to face every day, of course including good quality for water cooling tower equipment .

Whatever you have any demands for your project engaged water cooling tower ,please contact with China Wuxi ARK Fluid science technology co.,ltd  www.wxark.net  

Would you like to guess what kind of prize the staff shall get on 10th working anniversary day ? Please leave a message here.

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