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Brief Introduction of Operating Principles of Closed Cooling Tower

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There are many applications of closed cooling tower in our life, and you may be familiar to the operating principles of cooling tower. The operating principles of closed cooling tower will be introduced in the following:

Operating Principles of Closed Cooling Tower

Operating principle of closed cooling tower: Automatic rotary atomizing type cooling tower can reach the purpose of reducing water temperature by heat transfer between circulating cooling water and cold, dry air and the evaporation of circulating cooling water latent heat to take away the latent heat of vaporization. After the circulating cooling water with certain pressure enters the closed cooling tower through water pipe, the circulating cooling water will be atomized to the mist with diameter of 0.1mm will be sprayed towards the direction tower top under the swirl injection effects of atomizer, the reverse thrust produced by spraying will make the automatic rotary device operate and make the atomized water full of the whole tower body. The rotation of the axial flow fan, which is installed at the tower top, will inhale the cold, dry air at the surrounding into the closed cooling tower by force to conduct the mass transfer and heat transfer. The atomized water sprayed from the atomizer has high flow rate, as well as the carrying and entrainment effects to produce certain negative pressure at the surrounding of atomizer, which enhances the air draft volume and inlet air rate of closed cooling tower from surrounding, in the meantime, the air from the bottom will be brought upward and the cool, dry air can mix with water mist and the there is more fully contract (gas-water ratio is about 1.2), the particles of atomized water are refined further and the diameter can be reduced to 0.01mm, the mist airflow, which is produced by the mixture of gas and water, will spray upward to the water collector installed on the tower top, the water will be intercepted and will be returned to the cooling tower in the shape of water screen, the heat in the air and water will be discharged by the water collector.

From the operating procedure, there are three procedures of cycling cooling water in the closed cooling tower, including rising, suspension and falling. In the meantime, the cooling includes the down-flow and counter-flow cooling, then the contact between cool and dry air is longer and more fully and there are more heat being taken away. Due to the cancellation of packing, there is no air resistance occurring and it reduce the power of motor to drive the fan rotation and reach the effects of reducing rotation cost and improve the temperature difference of inlet and outlet water. Besides, the contact area between water and air after the atomization is far more than the contact area between air and water in the packing type cooling tower. Based on these points, the atomizing type cooling tower has high efficiency in heat exchange and the smaller type of motor power fan can be used and the energy-saving effects will be more obvious.

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